Corn flour packing machine

The cornflour packing machine is packaging equipment used to wrap big bag flour materials. Such as flour 250-1000g of flour.

Machine’s structures

The cornflour packing machine consists of five main parts. First is the packaging machine host, using 304 stainless steel materials, imported electrical brand, stable and durable. Second is the screw meter, because of the contact material, the use of stainless steel material, servo motor drive, high measurement accuracy. Next is the lifting screw, which can be disassembled and cleaned, in line with the health and safety of food and drugs. Finally, the storage bin and the finished product conveyor.

Features of the corn flour packing machine

  • Firstly, this machine controlled by a programmable controller, it is only necessary to set the required parameters, such as filling quantity and bag length, in the setting unit that can be displayed.
  • Secondly, the control system automatically optimizes and matches each action to achieve the best packaging speed.
  • Then, the cornflour packing machine has a photoelectric detection system. It is stable and reliable, ensuring the integrity of the trademark of the packaging bag.
  • Double-way heat sealing temperature control, intelligent temperature control.
  • Equipped with different filling mechanism, the packaging of powder, particle, liquid, sauce body, and other materials can be realized.
  • Lapel-type bag making mechanism, nice and flat for bag making.
  • Angle type sealing is optional, and the bag is of back sealing pillow type, which is applicable to a wide range.
  • Finally, optional metering methods include capacity cup type, screw type, pump type, and electronic weighing type.

Corn flour packing machine’s applications

Food, medicine, chemical, daily chemical industry, and other powdery materials.

Packaging Materials

Polyester/polyethylene,polyester/aluminized/polyethylene,polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, paper/polyethylene, nylon and other heat-sealable composite materials.

Technical parameters

Production capacity15-60bags/min
Measuring range200-2000ml
The bag sizeL 80-360mm W 100-250mm
The total power2.5kw
The power supply voltage220v,2.4kw
Machine weight550kg

How much is the corn flour packing machine?

Different types of corn flour packing machines have different prices, and the same machine has different prices in different regions. Compared with the semi-auto powder packing machine, the cornflour packing machine is automatic, and the working efficiency is higher. The value affects the price. If you want to know the machine details, welcome to leave a message and contact us. 

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