Automatic quantitative packaging machine

Generally, the automatic quantitative packaging machine is double-bucket vertical packaging equipment. Besides, this machine is composed of a vibration mechanism, a door opening mechanism, and a weighing control system.

Automatic quantitative packaging machine
Automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine

Introduction of the automatic quantitative packing machine

The packaging machine adopts electromagnetic vibration and high-precision weighing control technology to obtain extremely high repeat accuracy. It uses two-level vibration and door opening and unloading. The material time is short, and the measurement accuracy is high, and there is no damage to the material shape. The host adopts a microcomputer and light control switch control, and has the functions of automatic metering and filling, weighing feedback, automatic error correction, over-tolerance alarm, counting, keyboard setting, and correction. The hopper adopts anti-corrosion stainless steel material, which does not pollute the material. With the characteristics of high sensitivity, high accuracy, and strong reliability, it can meet the packaging needs of different specifications.

Automatic quantative packaging machine
Automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine

Wide applications of automatic quantitative packaging machine

The automatic quantitative packing equipment is suitable for quantitative filling of uniform granular materials, such as salt, seeds, food, chemical, washing, and other industries. Such as laundry detergent, rice, nuts, soybean, and candy.

Automatic quantitative packaging machine’s details

Forming Part

Made of stainless steel, it is clean and long service life. The main function is bag forming, preparing for bag sealing. If the customer wants a package of different bag sizes, just change the forming part.

Seal Part

Controlled by a precision servo motor for smoother operation. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, sealing, and cutting position are more accurate.

Cursor and Printer

Cutting bags more accurately and maintaining normal production. Besides, we also offer to provide a date printing device after packaging.



Packing speed25-65bags/min
Packaging range10g-2000g
Single grain weight0.02-1g
Three high750*1280*1950
The above parameters can be changed according to customer needs appropriately

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