TH-10 seed packaging machine for sale

Many packaging machines can pack seeds, such as granular packaging machines. Here is a new type of seed packaging machine, are you sure not to come and see it?

As is known to us all, many packaging machines can pack seeds, such as pillow packaging machines, granule packaging machines, and vertical packaging machines. While there is a new type of seed packaging machine, are you sure not to come and see it?

Introduction of the TH-10 seed packaging machine

Generally, the TH-10 seed packaging machine adopts electromagnetic vibration and high-precision weighing control technology to obtain extremely high repeat accuracy. And the measurement accuracy is high, and there is no damage to the material shape. The hopper adopts anti-corrosion stainless steel material, which does not pollute the material. With the characteristics of high sensitivity, high accuracy, and strong reliability, it can meet the packaging needs of different specifications.

Th-10 seed packaging machine
Th-10 Seed Packaging Machine

The main performance and structure features

  1. Firstly, electronic scales directly measure, the filling quantity is more accurate. Besides, there are two buckets in the machine, automatic measure the material according to your set.
  2. Then, use more reliable. The host adopts microcomputer and light control switch control and has the functions of automatic metering and filling, automatic error correction, keyboard setting, and correction.
  3. Thirdly, dual-vibration feeding, higher efficiency. This will help you save on labor costs.
  4. In addition, all stainless steel structure. The 304 stainless steel structure is safe for our health and durable. It has strong corrosion resistance and stainless steel materials.
  5. What’s more, the artificial suit, light spot sensing. The program of the TH-10 seed packaging machine can be upgraded.
  6. Fast speed. Double vibration feeding or multiple vibration feeding. It uses two-level vibration and door opening and unloading. The material time is short.
  7. Inductive bag connection──The bag connection port is equipped with a photoelectric sensor.
  8. Low power consumption──The power of the whole machine does not exceed 250~650 watts.
  9. Finally, low noise. This packing machine for seed uses no mechanical transmission.

TH-10 seed packaging machine’s Price

In short, different types of seed packaging machines have different prices, and the same machine has different prices in different regions. The value affects the price. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us. We will help you choose a suitable machine at a reasonable price.

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