Potato Chip Packaging Machine Sold to the United States

packaging machine

How do packaging machines succeed in overseas markets? The case of the Taizy factory gives us some insights. Below, we take a closer look at the success story of the packaging machine sold to the United States.

What are the Needs of the American Customer?

The American customer is the owner of a New York company that does wholesale bulk-weight snacks. Seeing that those snacks wrapped in beautifully packaged bags always sell at a higher price, the American customer thought that he could also package his snacks to get a higher profit. So, the American customer started to look for a suitable packaging machine.

Why does the American Customer Choose Us?

The American customer, through his friend’s recommendation, checked some factory self-produced and self-sold packaging machine products on the Internet, and finally, he chose to contact us. The American customer said, “Each of your machines has a certificate of conformity, and the machine body is made of SUS304, the quality is more important to me.” The American customer introduced his current operation status, and our manager recommended a packaging machine with a 10 heads combination weigher, with a packaging speed of 60 bags/min.

Through settings and adjustments, this machine can solve the American customer’s needs for a wide range of packaging materials, and in the process of packaging, it is also capable of automatically completing all packaging processes of measuring, feeding, bag filling, aerating, and date printing, and automatically completes counting.” This machine is exactly what I expected. “American customers marveled at the compact design of the Taizy packaging machine.

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