Bucket Packaging Machine

Generally speaking, the bucket packaging machine is vertical packaging equipment that can automatically complete the functions of metering, bag making, coding, filling, sealing, and counting.

Bucket packaging machine
Bucket Packaging Machine

Bucket packaging machine’s structure

In short, this machine is mainly composed of five parts, material hopper, film shaft, touch screen, former, and printer part. Besides, the material hopper is used to hold big granule materials, and the touch screen is a PLC screen. Print part used to print date or code, while former can fix the film.

Machine strucure
Bucket Packaging Machine’S Structure

Applications of the bucket packaging machine

In short, the bucket packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of non-sticky fruit, candy, and other large particles. Such as biscuits, candies, dumplings, rice crust, sweet dumplings, plum candy, haw strip, red dates, beans, and so on.

What’s more, the common packaging form is a pillow-type back seal, which can choose a three-side seal, four-side seal, or triangle package.

bucket packaging machine’s working video

Machine’s main features

Firstly, the packaging machine with bucket adopts a dual-CPU microcomputer control system, a microcomputer control photoelectric tracking correction system.

Secondly, there is a high-precision stepper motor and precise uniform position of each bag group.

Then, the control system completes the synchronization, fixed-length, and positioning, and speed.

Finally, the CNC cutter 2-99 package, adjustable automatic counting and cutting, and can automatically diagnose faults.


Bag styleBack seal
Packing speed 50-110bags/min
The bag size L 50-180mm W 40-140mm
Packaging film thickness0.03-0.10mm
Film maximum width300mm
the above parameters can be changed according to customer needs appropriately.

Optional Equipments

Vibration type feeder

Firstly, the parts contacting with food are made of stainless steel 304; Then, supported with a non-grade adjuster to regulate the feeding quantity. In addition, it sends the material from the storage to the material conveyor through vibration.

Coding machine

Print the date or code on the product packaging bag, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, moreover, divided into ribbon coding machine and ink wheel coding machine, etc. Get in touch with us to get more information.

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