Vacuum packaging machine

Generally speaking, the vacuum packaging machine is equipment that can extract the air from the bag and automatically pack it. Further, this machine is often used in the food industry. Because of the vacuum packaging, people can store food for the long term.

Vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine

Source of the vacuum packaging machine

Specifically, vacuum means a space where the gas is relatively rare, and the state below atmospheric pressure is collectively called a vacuum.

However, vacuum packaging is not actually completely vacuum. Besides, vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. by 1996, the vacuum industry developed rapidly.

Afterward, science and technology are primary productive forces. Experts use vacuum packaging technology to invent the machine, and the machine can also flush nitrogen or other mixed gases before completing the sealing process. But, with the development of society, its scope of application becomes wider and wider, and its prospects are broad.

Two main models
Two Main Models

Vacuum packaging machine’s application

Generally, the application areas of vacuum packaging machines involve food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruits, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, and rare metals. Especially suitable for tea, rice, compressed biscuits, fresh corn, meat, vegetables, eggs, etc.


How does the machine work?

In fact, The working principle of the vacuum packaging machine is actually very simple.

Microorganisms, such as molds and yeasts, can cause food rot and mildew, but without oxygen, they can not survive. Because the main function of vacuum packing is to remove oxygen. So the microorganisms have no living conditions, and food can be preserved. Experiments have proved that when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is less than or equal to 1%, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms will drop rapidly, and when the oxygen concentration is less than or equal to 0.5%, most microorganisms will stop reproducing.

Working principle
Working Principle

It also has the functions of resisting pressure, preventing gas, and keeping fresh, and better maintaining the original color, fragrance, taste, shape, and nutritional value of food.

The machine’s main features

  • Firstly, remove oxygen, effectively prevent food from spoilage and deterioration, and maintain the original flavor and color.
  • Besides, excellent packaging materials and strict sealing technology, international advanced energy saving.
  • Then, improves the sterilization efficiency and avoids the rupture of the packaging bag caused by gas expansion.
  • Finally, the machine body is small and exquisite, it is easy to move, it occupies a small area, imported spare parts, and stable performance.

Different models in Taizy machinery

In brief, Taizy Machinery is a well-known manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, design, and manufacturing. So far, it has provided countless excellent machinery throughout the world. In short, the vacuum packaging machines we are selling are mainly divided into two categories: single-chamber vacuum packaging machines and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines.

Taizy machinery
Taizy Machinery

The vacuum packaging machine’s parameters

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Seal bar length260mm400mm500mm
Chamber size280*380*50mm420*420*100mm520*520*120mm

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum chamber size465mm*490mm*40mm565mm*515mm*40mm660mm*515mm*40mm
Vacuum pump capacity20 m3/hour40 m3/hour60 m3/hour
Vacuum pump power900w1500w2250w
Voltage220V/50hz or 110v/60hz220V/50hz or 380v/50hz220V/50hz or 380v/50hz
Machine size1050mm*630mm*970mm1250mm*650mm*1000mm1450mm*650mm*1080mm
Package size1150mm*730mm*1120mm1350mm*750mm*1150mm1550mm*750mm*1230mm
Package weight160kg200kg260kg

Frequently question answers about the machine

1. What is the material of the machine?

201 stainless steel, steel plate thickness 3mm, lid vacuum chamber 3mm, shell 1mm

2. What is the power mode of the machine?

Electric heating

3. Do you need an air compressor?

Not needed

4. How much is the vacuum packaging machine?

Different models have different prices. But, you can leave a message below, and consult customer service for details

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