Tea Packaging Machine

The tea packaging machine is a tea bag packaging equipment. For instance, it can package tea, seeds, health products, medicine. What’s more, this machine can achieve both inside and outside the bag packaging together.

Tea packaging machine
Tea Packaging Machine

The above packaging method can effectively prevent damp material, volatile and other problems. And also has a fresh-keeping function. With an area of 0.735 square meters, and a production capacity of 30-50 bags per minute. Therefore, you deserve to have a tea packaging machine.

Hand-packaging & Machinery-packaging

  1. First, the working efficiency of machinery is about 12 times that of manual labor: It takes about 74 minutes to manually make semi-made tea into 1 kg of commercial packaging tea, while it takes about 6 minutes to use a machine to make 1 kg of commercial packaging tea.
  2. Second, the cost of labor is about 9 times that of machinery: If labor costs 900 yuan one day, as a result, product 9kg packaging tea. While the machine will cost about 100 yuan at the same efficiency.
  3. Third, Machinery’s packaging result is more health than labor: The traditional manual packaging without vacuum will breed bacteria for a long time. But the machine can achieve a completely humidity-free environment. Because it can avoid the problem of bacterial growth caused by manual contact.
Labor vs machine
Labor Vs Machine

3 reasons to choose tea packaging machine

  • For one thing, use tea pouch packing machine will save time.
  • Meanwhile, it will help you cut down the labor cost and save money.
  • Last but not least, packaged by tea bag packaging machine is more exquisite.

Tea packaging machine’s characteristics in Taizy

  1. Firstly, the outer packaging paper is controlled by a stepping motor. Both the length of the bag is stable, and the incision positioning is accurate.
  2. Secondly, using PID to adjust the temperature controller, this can make the whole operation more accurate.
  3. Thirdly, select PLC to control the whole machine, display on the man-machine interface, one-key operation.
  4. What’s more, several parts of the machine that may touch materials are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure product hygiene.
  5. In addition, some of the working cylinders use imported parts to ensure the stability of the tea bag packaging machine.
  6. Last, the Taizy tea pouch packing machine also has additional devices, it can achieve flat cutting, date printing, and easy tearing.

The scope of application

Generally, this tea bag packaging machine is suitable for the one-time packaging of small particles. Such as seeds, medicines, health products, tea, and so on. For example, packaging vegetable seeds, health tea, Chinese herbal medicine pieces, rock candy, cakes, pistachios, etc.

The parameters of tea packaging machine

The sealing formThree edge-sealing
Measuring range1-5g/bag
The bag sizelength 50-75mm; width 50-75mm
Outside the bag sizelength 85-120mm; width 75-95mm
The label size25*25
Production capacity30-50bag/min
The input power220v/50HZ
The weight650kg
Installation dimensions1050*700*1300

Working video of tea packaging machine

Usual machine fault and maintenance

  • Low vacuum: It is recommended to clean the vacuum pump or replace the vacuum pump.
  • Noisy: Clean or change the exhaust filter and check if the solenoid valve is leaking.
  • Unheated: Replace the heater, replace it with a new oil or heating transformer.
Taizy welcome you
Taizy Welcome You

Because the Living standard’s improved, people pay more and more attention to health preservation, as a traditional health product, tea is loved by people. Besides, exquisite tea packaging can attract consumers’ eyes and affect consumers’ psychology. So, the development market of the packing machine for tea will be very broad. In short, if you are interested, please leave a message below for a consultation.