Tomato paste packaging machine

In brief, the tomato paste packaging machine is a member of the packaging machine family. While it possesses unique skills and has a series of functions. These include bag making, filling, counting, sealing, and cutting. Besides, like a packaging machine with a high degree of automation, all industries in society have their dedicated work.

Paste packaging machine
Paste Packaging Machine

Introduction of tomato paste packaging machine

Name: Tomato paste packaging machine

Function: Automatic bag making, quantitative filling, photoelectric identification, heat sealing, and coding

Nature: Packaging Machine

Application: food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and so on

The main performance and structure feature

For one thing, the machine integrates mechanical and electrical functions, two CPU computer control systems, a large screen LCD, and a microcomputer control optical tracking correcting system.

Then, there are some details, the computer touch screen will display lateral and longitudinal temperatures, you can set the length of the bag. Besides, sealing and cutting parts can be replaced according to customer requirements. And machine speed can be adjusted through speed adjustment.

Firstly, equipped with a high-precision stepper motor, exactly the same position design of each bag. Secondly, the control system of complete synchronization, fixed-length, position and speed, automatic fault diagnosis function. Last, it can choose a ribbon typewriter or stamp marking device.

What’s more, this machine’s bag making, filling, counting, sealing, and cutting are done automatically. Besides, Stepless speed regulation, speed regulation process without stopping. and it can adjust weight without stopping.

Machine details
Machine Details

Does the scope of application

The tomato paste packaging machine is suitable for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries such as automatic quantitative packing of tomato paste, honey, shampoo, facial cream, spices such as paste, sauce.

Finished product display
Finished Product Display

Tomato paste packaging machine’s parameters

Bag style4 side seal
Packing speed24-60bag/min
Bag length30-150mm
Bag width25-145mm(Need to replace the Former)
Filling range40ml or 20-100ml
Air pressure0.6-0.7MP
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm

Note: There are also other bag styles, like back seal and 3side seal. Besides, the above parameters can be changed according to customer needs appropriately. So, please leave a message.

Machine’s price and video

So far, we have sold thousands of paste packaging machines to Nepal, Mexico, Libya, Congo, Canada, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Botswana, and other countries.

The price of each machine is different from each packing material, leave a message, and tell us the material you want to pack, we will customize the most suitable machine and packing solutions.

working video
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