Automatic Granule | Pellet Packing machine

Granule packing machine, also known as pellet packing machine and automatic quantitative packing machine, is playing an indispensable role in a multitude of industries for powder and liquid products. This automatic machinery is designed to pack cereals, coffee, peanuts, beans, peas, seeds, popcorn, biscuits, pills, tablets, capsules, powders, wood pellets, as well as granular chemical products. And because of its several different functions such as weighing, filling, feeding, and sealing, the granule packing machine has been widely embraced by manufacturers and packagers around the world.

Granule packaging machine
Granule Packaging Machine

Introduction to Granule Packing Machine

As an elite member of the packaging machine family, the pellet packaging machine is widely used in packing a variety of granule and powder materials, such as cereals and seasonings, and is also applicable to liquids, pastes, as well as cremes.

Granule packing machine
Granule Packing Machine

Features of Taizy’s Granule Packing Machine

Our granule packing machine generally comprises two parts, a blanking part and a packaging part.

  • Full 304 stainless steel machine housing
  • Automatic film edge alignment
  • Photoelectric detector and photoelectric encoder
  • The most advanced microcomputer chip control system
  • 5-inch large-screen LCD display
  • Simple and easy-to-use operation interface
  • Optional filling and coding devices

Different Model’s Technical Parameters

Our Taizy Machinery provides four types of granule packing machine in different customized versions depending on material, product, shape, dimensions, and dosing system.

Style3 side sealBack sealTriangle seal4 side seal
Bag length30-150mm30-180mm50-150mm30-150mm

Various Applicable Shapes

The possible shapes include:

Granule packing machine shapes1
Granule Packing Machine Shapes
  • Sachet with several bars
  • Sachet with flat bars
  • Shaped sachet with crosswise corrugation
  • Sachet with standard tear-off cut
  • Sachet with standard tear-off notch
Granule packing machine shapes2
Granule Packing Machine Shapes
  • Pillow sachet
  • 4-side sachet with hole
  • Pillow sachet with slot
  • 3-side seal
  • 4-side seal
  • Stick sachet
  • Chain sachet
  • Pyramid sachet
Details of machine
Details Of Machine

Tips for Maintenance

  • Add a moderate tensile strength to the plastic packing film to make it flat and lubricated
  • Run the machine in a dry and ventilated environment
  • Carry out regular checks to identify potential risks
  • Clean the machine with alkaline solutions when necessary

Since its invention, granule packing machines have immediately grabbed a substantial market share in the packaging industry for its automatic weighing, feeding, filling, and sealing functions. Meanwhile, the reason why manufacturers and packagers prefer sachet packing machines is also that they can achieve high throughput while occupying limited floor space.


Standing out for quality products and excellent shipping and post-sale services, Taizy Machinery’s granule packaging machine has won unanimous praise from customers in Western Europe, North America, Africa, and other countries in Southeast Asia, where cereal grains grow well and the food processing industry booms.

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