Automatic incense stick packing machine

Generally speaking, the automatic incense stick packing machine is equipment that specializes in packing incense. Besides, it comes with a counting function, high accuracy, and automation effectively saves labor costs.

What is incense stick?

The incense stick is the incense without bamboo core, also called straight incense and Agarbatti incense stick. Besides, it is composed of aggregates, binders, spices, pigments, and auxiliary materials.

Incense stick
Incense Stick

In addition to the use of temple timekeeping, incense sticks can not only beautify the indoor environment. So that people can achieve a pleasing effect but also can participate in meditation practice. For example, help improve sleep and achieve the effect of health preservation and healing.

Information about incense stick packing machine

Name: Incense Packing Machine

Type: Multi-Function Packing Machine

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops

Function: Counting, Labeling, Sealing

Application: incense sticks, bamboo sticks, and drinking straws

Driven Type: Electric

Brand Name: Taizy

Automatic incense stick packaging machine
Automatic Incense Stick Packaging Machine

Photo of incense stick packing machine


Incense stick packing machine’s features

  1. For one thing, touch screen control, plc intelligent control, accurate measurement.
  2. Then, automatic detection of machine failure, simple operation, and convenient adjustment.
  3. In addition, high-quality dual-servo structure, easy to maintain, less wear and long life.
  4. Fourthly, the bag length does not need to be manually set, and the equipment self-tests.
  5. Moreover, the sealing is perfect, and the cutting package phenomenon is eliminated.
  6. Finally, the host part can be customized into all stainless steel.

Different models for sale in Taizy

Two main models
Two Main Models

By all means, the Model CX-300 incense packing machine is suitable for materials with single sample packing, fixed diameter length, and bag length.

While, Model CX-350 is suitable for a variety of sample compatible packaging, with variable diameter and length, and the bag length can also be adjusted.

Parameters of model 300 and 350

Packaging typeBags, pouch, foil, filmThree side seal H type
Packaging speed20-50bags/min20-50bags/min

Customer feedback of incense packing machine

Recently, we received feedback from a Sri Lankan customer, saying that their boss is very satisfied with our incense packaging machine, because, it working perfectly and the logistics are very fast. What’s more, his boss said in the future they will buy more good quality machines from us.

Certification & shipping
Certification &Amp; Shipping

Reviewing the process of communicating with customers, we solved the after-sales problems raised by the customers as well as the working conditions of the machine. Besides, we also provide customers with a large number of real photos and videos, Taizy looks forward to your arrival.

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