Two Fruit & Vegetable Packaging Machines for You

Today, the public are getting more interested in health. Therewith the requirement of food packaging. Accordingly, fruit and vegetable packaging machines are popular in most supermarket or factory.
fruit & vegetable

Today, the public is getting more and more interested in health. Therewith is the requirement of food packaging. Accordingly, fruit and vegetable packaging machines are produced and popular in most supermarkets or factories.

Fruit & vegetable
Fruit &Amp; Vegetable

The first fruit and vegetable packaging machine:

Without a doubt, the THB-250 pillow type packaging machine for fruit and vegetable is a packaging machine. a length of 3770 mm, a width of 670 mm, a height of 1450 mm, and a weight of 800 kg.

Pillow-style packaging, 65-280 mm bag specifications, 40-230 bags per minute packaging speed. It has a long feeding platform to facilitate the delivery, a touch screen, a one-key start, easy to operate. Do you like it?

Pillow type vegetable packaging machine
Pillow Type Vegetable Packaging Machine

In addition, the pillow type fruit and vegetable packaging machine have many features:

  1. Firstly, PLC control touch-types human-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting, clear fault diagnosis prompts, and friendly use.
  2. Secondly, Continuously variable speed, wide adjustment range, can perfectly match the previous process of the production line.
  3. Thirdly, A high photoelectric eye can automatically and accurately track, making the sealing and cutting position more accurately.
  4. Finally, All control is realized by software, convenient for technology upgrades, and can adapt to the production needs of different periods.

The second Packing Machine:

The 400 double-chamber vacuum fruit and vegetable packaging machine is a packaging machine. With a length of 1050 mm, a width of 630 mm, a height of 970 mm, and a weight of 160 kg.

Its special feature is that it can be flushed with nitrogen while being vacuum packed. It has two vacuum chambers on the left and right, which can be switched for packaging. With it, you can double your work efficiency and save labor costs.

Vacuum fruit packaging machine
Vacuum Fruit Packaging Machine

The characteristics of the double-chamber vacuum fruit and vegetable packaging machine are as follows:

  1. For one thing, remove oxygen, effectively prevent food from spoilage and deterioration, and maintain the original flavor and color.
  2. In addition, excellent packaging materials, and strict sealing technology, international advanced energy saving.
  3. Moreover, Improves the sterilization efficiency and avoids the rupture of the packaging bag caused by gas expansion.
  4. Last but not least, the machine body is small and exquisite, it is easy to move, it occupies a small area, imported spare parts, and stable performance.

The above is the recommendation of two practical fruit and vegetable packaging machines. hope it will be helpful to you. Do you have anything to say about fruit and vegetable packaging machines? Welcome to leave a message below.

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