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As a kind of shrink packing equipment, pillow packaging machines are engineered to produce such daily necessities as bread, chocolate, and soap in the food and light industries. Standing out for the great reputation around the world, Taizy offers advanced professional pillow packaging machines with simple but effective operation, quick and adjustable settings, as well as great accuracy and precision.

Application of Pillow Packaging Machine 

Such an automatic packer can be applicable for packing solid pieces of food like cake, ice cream, pie, caramel treats, chocolate, candy, bread, instant noodle, biscuit, pills, as well as other regular objects like daily necessities and industrial components and parts.

Pillow packing machine
Pillow Packing Machine

Pillow Packing Machine’s Structure

Our packing machine integrates a machine head, a machine body, a feeding platform, a date printer, a film roll device, a product pusher, a touch screen, an output conveyor, and an end sealing device.

Machine‘s structure
Machine’S Structure

As shown in the picture, the equipped rolling brush is mainly used to smooth the surface and press the packaging film, keep it flat and go forward in the whole procedure. Comparatively, the sponge with little inter-space would allow relatively thinner materials such as exhaust to pass through.

Our Advantages

High Precision and Non-stick Assurance

Thanks to the high precision of pinpoint and track functions of our equipment, the sharpness of knives, and the state-of-the-art photoelectric eye function, the key parts of the machine would keep clean when sealing and cutting and proceed without glue sticking on them in such a working environment.

Humanized Design and International Standard

Incorporating world-renowned electrical components and utilizing a combination of PLC and touch screen systems, our machines are user-friendly by providing convenient and quick parameter settings, prompt fault detection, as well as convenient ways to operate and upgrade.

Motor Control and Complete Process

Packaging speed and package length can be customized by a controllable stepper motor or a servo motor, which can operate at continuously variable speeds, thus accommodating different demands.

Temperature Control and Tight Seal

Equipped with an independent Proportion Integration Differentiation (PID) technique, our machine can regulate the temperature of sealing to cater to different needs owing to the different melting points of the raw materials.

How it Works

Details of pillow packaging machine
Details Of Pillow Packaging Machine


  1. Folding the plastic bag together
  2. Heating bag
  3. Sealing the bag together


After the bag passes through the clamp, it will be automatically cut off by the rotating knife roll.


Pillow Packaging Machine’s Parameters

There are two types of film feeding for pillow packaging machines:

One is the upper feeding packaging machine, which is suitable for items with harder materials or surfaces; while another one, the lower feeding packaging machine, is suitable for items with softer materials.

Taizy pillow packaging machine has three models, and the detailed technical parameters are as follows:

Membrane width≤250mm110-320mm≤400mm
Long bag(mm)65-190mm120-280mm80-230mm100-300mm130-320mm
Detailed Technical Parameters

Note: Film width=(width+height)×2+2cm

Besides, the machinery can be equipped with inflation (air or nitrogen) and coding devices for filling and coding.

Factory stock
Our Factory

Brief Packaging Machine’s Working Procedure

Conduct Safety Inspection → Turn on the Main Power Switch and Heater Switch → Set the Bag Length → Install the Packaging Film → Adjust Color Code → Adjust Material Location → Trial Run → Normal Production

Working Video

Common Error Corrections

Film Deviation

If the film moves away from the normal position, adjust the film wheel and raise the bag former to just push the block without touching the film. If in vain, the paper feed encoder or components may not work. That requires an immediate replacement of the corresponding parts. After selecting the suitable replacement, you need to change the width of the filmmaker to adjust the hand-wheel, thus making the width suitable.

Content Cut by Cutter

If the things contained in films are cut by knives or cutters, you need to adjust the position of these materials, and then adjust the degree of compression of the pressing spring sheet on the product. After that, you need also to adjust the height of the horizontal seal to make sure the engagement surface of the cutter is in the middle position of the product level.

Failure to Align the Color Mark 

First, reset the length and clean up the dirt and black spots on the roller. Second, adjust the distance between the high photoelectric eye and the film or the sensitivity knob on the high photoelectric eye. Third, adjust the angle of the clamp block connecting to the spring on the brake hand, and set the compensation value to about 38.

Please refer to the product manual for detailed operation steps and acquaintance methods. For any further questions, please feel free to leave messages at any time. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Packing and shipping
Packing And Shipping

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