What is the packaging machine?

A popular product is inseparable from good quality and exquisite packaging. Packaging machines have an irreplaceable role.

A popular product is inseparable from good quality and exquisite packaging. As the handle of the packing industry, the packaging machine has an irreplaceable role. What packaging machines do you know?

There are many ways to classify packaging machines, let’s take a look:

Classified according to product attributes

Generally, packaging machines can be classified into four categories according to product status: Granule packaging machines, powder packaging machines, paste packaging machines, and liquid packaging machines.

Four types packaging machine
Four Types Packaging Machine

As the name suggests, the granule packing machine is suitable for soy, seeds, tablets, and other granular products with good fluidity; the powder packaging machine is suitable for powdered materials such as flour and washing powder; the paste packaging machine is suitable for paste materials, like shampoo and cream.

Sort by the packaging method

They can also be classified into a back seal, four-side seal, three-side seal, pyramid bag, etc. according to the packaging method.

Packaging bags
Packaging Bags

The back seal is beautiful in appearance, the amount of packaging material is reduced, and has obvious advantages in packaging cost; the four-side seal is the most common form of granular packaging, all sides are evenly heated, and the sealing performance is good.

The three-side seal can be made into a three-dimensional bag, the space utilization rate is high; a pyramid bag is generally used for tea packaging and snack packaging, with a novel form.

Categorization according to mechanical form

According to the mechanical form, there are three main packaging machines: pillow packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, and vacuum packaging machines.


First of all, the pillow packaging machine has a domineering image and is suitable for packaging biscuits, chocolates, vegetables, and other regular objects. But the material form must be solid;

The vertical packaging machine is small and convenient, suitable for the packing of dispersed materials such as soup, oatmeal, powder, condiments, screws, etc., and small materials. And the material form can be liquid, granule, powder, Hardware, pills, etc.;

Thirdly, the vacuum packaging machine is unique and convenient. It can package various cooked products. Such as ham, pickled products, soy products, preserved fruits, and other foods that need to be kept fresh.

Classification of the degree of automation

According to the degree of automation, packaging machines are fully automatic, semi-automatic, and so on. Fully automatic packaging machines are more efficient than semi-automatic packing machines, are more convenient to operate, and save labor costs.

Taizy welcome you
Taizy Welcome You

Understanding the classification of packing machines can help you choose appropriate and practical packaging machines from different aspects. While saving time, it also creates greater benefits for subsequent production. Of course, these are just simple introductions, and more functions of the packaging machine are waiting for you to explore.

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