Vertical | Powder Packaging Machine

The powder packaging machine is the general name of equipment for packing dust materials, especially used for quantitative packing of powder materials in the chemical, food, and agricultural and sideline industries. Different from the pillow packing machine, the powder packaging machine is a vertical packaging machine with a small size, high speed, and high precision.

Powder packaging machine
Powder Packaging Machine

Introduction of powder packaging machine

Structure: The powder packing machine is mainly composed of a blanking part and a packing part, which includes a former, a hopper, an electrical, a seal part, a touch screen, and so on.

Principle: In short, it is a fully automatic powder packaging machine that integrates machine, electricity, light, and instrument. Besides, with screw feeding and one-key control. It can also automatically quantify and automatically adjust errors, which is convenient to use.

Application: This machine is suitable for automatic packaging powder materials such as flour, mung bean powder, lotus root starch, sesame paste, bean milk powder, and other bad fluidity.


Powder packaging machine’s characteristics

  • Firstly, using a powder screw filling device make sure less error.  
  • Secondly, have a 5-inch large-screen LCD display
  • Then, the machine’s operation is simple, convenient, and precise.
  • Fourthly, photoelectric eye tracking and monitoring, accurate cutting
  • Last, optional coding machine and exhaust gas charging device

Different models in Taizy Machinery

Model 1: THB4-320AT-L1 or L2 or L3

Application: This machine is suitable for automatic packing powder materials such as flour, mung bean powder, lotus root starch, sesame paste, milk powder, reishi mushroom powder, and other bad fluidity.

Thb4-320at-l1 or l2 or l3
Thb4-320At-L1 Or L2 Or L3

Model 2:THB4-320C1-T3

Application: This machine adapted to automatic packaging powder materials such as chili powder, coffee powder, wash powder, herbal powder, and other bad fluidity.


The powder packaging machine parameters

Generally, the Taizy packaging machine for powder can be divided into two types: three-side seal and back seal, and the technical parameters are as follows:

ModelTHB4-320AT-L1 or L2 or L3THB4-320C1-T3
Bag style3 side sealBack seal
Packing speed24-60 bag/min24-60 bag/min
Bag length30-150mm30-180mm
Bag width25-145mm (Need to replace the  Former)25-145mm (Need to replace the  Former)
Filling range0.5-3ml、3-10ml、10-60ml40-220ml
Power2.2kw 2.2kw 
Dimensions650*1050*1750mm 650*1050*1950mm 
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm1100*750*1820mm

Note: The above parameters can be changed according to your needs appropriately, there are also three different models of flat push screw, direct push screw, and oblique push screw for sale.

machine working video


Can you customize the machine I need?

Yes, of course. we can customize the machine based on your actual requirements and will reply to you after receiving your message.

How long is the warranty period of the machine?

This product has a one-year warranty, a lifelong tracking service.

Is there an instruction manual?

Yes, of course.

How can you make sure of the quality of the powder packing machine?

We have a series of strict and precise machinery manufacturing and welcome your visit.


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