THB4 Flour Packaging Machine Export to Nigeria

The flour packaging machine is used for quantitative packing of powder materials in the chemical, food, and sideline industries.
flour packaging machine

The flour packaging machine is the general name of equipment for packing dust materials, especially used for quantitative packing of powder materials in the chemical, food, and agricultural and sideline industries. Different from the pillow packing machine, the powder packaging machine is a vertical packaging machine with a small size, high speed, and high precision.

Application of flour packing machine

This machine is suitable for automatic packing powder materials such as flour, mung bean powder, lotus root starch, sesame paste, milk powder, reishi mushroom powder, and other bad fluidity.

Thb4 flour packaging machine
Thb4 Flour Packaging Machine

Flour packaging machine’s characteristics

  • Firstly, using a powder screw filling device make sure less error.  
  • Secondly, have a 5-inch large-screen LCD display.
  • Then, the machine’s operation is simple, convenient, and precise.
  • Fourthly, photoelectric eye tracking and monitoring, accurate cutting.
  • Last, optional coding machine and exhaust gas charging device.

Nigerian customer’s feedback

Last week, after watched our Youtube video, a Nigerian customer contacted us on WeChat. They run a flour mill in Nigeria and need a flour packing machine. Through our patient inquiry and calculation, we learned about the details of the material, like weight and size. Then recommended the suitable packaging machine. That’s the THB4 flour packaging machine.

The Nigerian customer mainly wants to pack flour with many types. Our machine has different packaging types, such as three side and backside types. Solving the customer’s problem. He said the packaging part is wonderful, which helps the factory a lot and earns much.

What’s more, we further try to communicate with customers on WeChat the speed of the flour packaging machine, parameters of the machine, and the operation video, and the machine quotation.

The Nigerian customer feels happy, so he quickly agreed to the purchase plan we provided. Finally, the customer bought our flour packaging machine and thanked us a lot.

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