Seasoning packaging machine exported to Kenya

Recently, we exported a seasoning packaging machine to Kenyan, and received feedback from the customer. What happened? let's have a look.

Recently, we exported a seasoning packaging machine to Kenyan and received feedback from the customer. What happened? let’s have a look.


Brief introduction of Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is located in eastern Africa. Kenya is rich in minerals and forest resources. And most of the minerals have not been developed. Kenya has a large working population, a high poverty rate, but poor medical care for ordinary people.

Kenyans love meat. The most famous dishes are similar to our ‘grilled meat’. People grilled it slowly over a campfire or charcoal fire, and also added green vegetables when serving. Ugali is a very popular staple food in Kenya. It is a dense corn paste that is crushed and eaten with meat, stews, or vegetables.

Powder packaging machine
Seasoning Packaging Machine

China and Kenya established diplomatic relations on December 14, 1963. Since the 21st century, the relations between the two countries have developed rapidly, and the bilateral trade volume has increased substantially.

China mainly exports machinery and electronics, textiles and clothing, and high-tech products to Kenya, and imports agricultural products such as black tea, coffee, and nuts from Kenya. At present, the Chinese fund nearly 200 companies in Kenya, especially in engineering contracting, commerce, and other fields.

Seasoning packaging machine’s features

  • Using a powder screw filling device make sure less error.  
  • Have a 5-inch large-screen LCD display
  • The machine’s operation is simple, convenient, and precise.
  • Photoelectric eye tracking and monitoring, accurate cutting
  • Optional coding machine and exhaust gas charging device

Feedback from our customer

Before contacting us, the Kenyan customer didn’t know how he needed packaging materials. Through our patient inquiry, he learned about the customer’s packaging specifications and weight, helped him determine the appropriate packaging method, and recommended a suitable powder packaging machine.

Kenyan customers mainly want to pack the seasoning for making a barbecue. We recommend the three-side seal packaging method. In addition, the customer also hopes that his packaging bag will have the date marked, and the coding equipment in the machine has just solved the customer’s problem. He is very pleased.

Our customer
Our Customers

Subsequently, we further communicated with customers on WhatsApp the output of the seasoning packaging machine, the type of packaging film, the operation details, and the machine quotation.

We also sent detailed work videos and workshop pictures to customers. The Kenyan customer was very satisfied, so he quickly agreed to the purchase plan we provided. Finally, the customer bought our seasoning packaging machine.

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