VFFS Packaging Machine for Snacks

Many people like eating snacks in their free life. While, do you know what’s VFFS packaging machine? Let’s have a look.

Do you know what the VFFS packaging machine is? Let’s have a look.

VFFS is the abbreviation of vertical form fill seal. The VFFS packaging machine is mainly used for packing snacks. Such as puffed food, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, even pet food, small hardware, medicine, etc. Because it perfectly solves the problem of fragile materials during the packaging process.


Constitution of the machine

This machine has several parts, and they are a SLY-420 basic machine, a 10 heads combination weigher, a Z type bucket elevator, and a vibration type feeder.

Firstly, the SLY-420 basic machine is the main part of the VFFS packaging machine. It can complete feeding, measuring, and bagging automatically. The basic machine weighs 500kg but has wheels, the packing speed is 20-80bags/min. Besides, there is a machine cover in case of cutting fingers.

Secondly, the 10 heads combination weigher is on the basic machine. The computer controls it, which is better than manual weighing. The weighing hopper’s capacity is 2.5L and can be set to discharge materials in order to effectively prevent material blockage. There are ten heads work together, the maximum speed is 70 weighings/min, improving the working efficiency.

Thirdly, the Z-type bucket elevator is suitable for the vertical feeding of material. It has a large lifting quantity and highness. The highness of lifting is 3-10m and the power is 550w/380v. The last one is a vibration-type feeder, it is made of stainless steel 304 and used to sends the material from storage to the material conveyor. The lifting height is 0.8-1.5m. Besides, the feeding speed is 30m/min.

VFFS packaging machine’s features

Firstly, using PLC to control the private server motor double pull film structure, the wind and position adopt the motor automatic correction device, the super large display touch screen constitutes the drive control core; Besides, it maximizes the control accuracy, reliability, and intelligence of the whole machine.

Secondly, this machine and metering configuration can automatically complete all the packaging processes of metering, feeding, bag filling, inflation, and date printing, and automatically complete counting.

Vffs packaging machine
Vffs Packaging Machine

Then, using an intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control: the packaging and sealing are beautiful and flat.

 Next, pillow-shaped bags, well-punched bags, etc. can be made according to customer needs.

 Last, there is a fault display system to help troubleshoot in time.

VFFS packaging machine in Taizy

There are many kinds of packaging machines for packing snacks. Choose a suitable one can not only help you save money, but also improve working efficiency. If you want to start a small business from snacks, a VFFS packaging machine will be a good choice.

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