How much is the liquid packaging machine?

The Liquid packaging machine is popular in our lives. Here are two types of liquid packaging machines, let’s have a look...
bagged milk display

The liquid packaging machine is popular in our lives, many factories and markets used it to pack liquid materials like milk and drink. Here are two types of liquid packaging machines, let’s have a look…

Does the machine’s application

The machine is widely used in milk, soy milk, all kinds of drinks, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, etc.

Bagged milk display
Bagged Milk Display

Finished production forms

Sealing products in a variety of forms, the seal, edge-sealing, four edge sealing, wide edge sealing, etc. Various kinds of liquid film packaging; Ultraviolet radiation sterilization, materials bag in full bloom, date printing and quantitative filling, sealing cutting off, automatic counting one-time automatically, heat sealing and the temperature automatic control, packing product is beautiful rocky, shell, piping, disinfector, quantitative pump adopt stainless steel structure, ensure sanitation.

The features of liquid packaging machine

  1. Firstly, the selection of domestic high-quality components to ensure the machine high and stable low trouble.
  2. Secondly, sealing, product variety, seal, and four in the edge-sealing edge-sealing, wide, etc. Of edge-sealing
  3. Then, adjust arbitrarily long bag, do not need to change parts.
  4. In addition, hot sealing temperature control, ensure double road temperature accurately.
  5. What’s more, automatic in FengKouChu print to 8 digits production date.
  6. Finally, and the use of an advanced photoelectric tracking control bag can maintain a whole design with a long, number of packages by electronic counting.
Liquid bag packaging machine
Liquid Bag Packaging Machine

Technical parameters

TH-5 liquid packing machine

Type noTH-5
NameMiddle sealing machine
The bag size240-320mm

TH-7 liquid packing machine

Type noTH-7
NameMiddle sealing machine
The bag size240-320mm

Does the price of the liquid packaging machine

Different types of liquid packing machines have different prices, and the same machine has different prices in different regions. Compared with the TH5 liquid packing machine, the TH7 liquid packing machine is larger in capacity and dimensions, and the working efficiency is higher. But the value of the liquid packing machine is obvious. The value affects the price. If you want to know the details, welcome to leave a message and contact us

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